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A Brief Biography

by Dennis Carroll



May I Introduce Myself?

I was born October 23, 1942, in California, and have lived in California continuously except for 4 years. Married to Patricia Lynn Carroll since 1988. No children.

We are devoted to the Revival of the GOSPEL TRUTH that sets men free from sin's power and guilt through the Living Savior Jesus Christ.

I have served as President of GOSPEL TRUTH MINISTRIES from 1991 to present. I maintain the website: www.gospeltruth.net--which has many powerful writings of holiness and revival. I also maintain the website at www.charlesgfinney.com--which has all of the sermons and lectures of Charles G. Finney, in their original, unabridged text.

My wife and I, beginning in 1993, have labored with others, to put all of the sermons and lectures of Charles G. Finney on computer, and now on the website. Our aim is to make easily available to the entire world, the truth of the Gospel of God that changed our lives.

I professed Christ as a young boy, being completely involved in Christian living, according to what I was taught. I was President of the Youth For Christ High School club in 1958, and President of the Church Youth Group 1959.

Believing myself called to be an Evangelist to preach the Gospel, I attended a Bible College in Los Angeles from 1960-64. Subsequently Ordained by an evangelical church, I served as Pastor for 2 years in Colorado, 1964-66.

I left the Ministry in 1970 due to the dominion of sin in my life, which was destroying both my ministry and marriage.

Entering the secular work force as a Real Estate Broker, I earned my living selling homes. As an avid reader, I continued to read Theology and Church History.

Although in bondage in sin, I still assumed I was a Christian. I had always been inspired by reading about revival in the writings of Charles G. Finney, and when his sermons appeared in book form in the late 1980's, I began to read them with great interest. I gradually began to understand the truth of God's Character, God's Law, and God's Gospel, as I read the sermons.

In 1987, I first became convicted of my personal sin, seeing that I had no excuse for sin whatsoever. For several months I lived in this conviction of my own guilt, not knowing yet the Gospel. As God continued to bring light to my understanding, I gradually saw God's remedy to address my guilt of sin, and my bondage in sin. I began to see the "Good News" that God would give me His Son in whom is Life, that He would put me into the New Covenant if I would meet the conditions of that New Covenant. When I eventually understood what God required of me in repentance, and I understood the object of believing in order to enter the New Covenant, I repented and believed, and God was faithful. He fulfilled in me all of the promises of the New Covenant, wrote His Law upon my heart, took out the heart of stone, and put His Spirit within me. He sprinkled me as promised, and I became CLEAN.

In Christ, I was a new creation, and my bondage in sin was broken. I was FREE. My conscience was cleansed from dead works. And "all things became new." For the first time I knew that I was a Christian.

In bearing witness to this "Good News" to others, some other people have given attention to the truth, and have entered the same New Covenant, with the same deliverance from the power of sin and its guilt.

To people showing interest, I taught a Friday Night Bible study, sharing these truths. This eventually became a congregation of believers, who met as a Church on Sundays as well, which we called GOSPEL TRUTH FELLOWSHIP, from 1993-1999.

Since then until the present, I travel to various locations both in the USA and other countries such as Colombia, Mexico and Nigeria, to teach the wonderful truth of the true Nature and Character of God and His Moral Government.


Dennis Carroll